Interview with Francesco Giordana – Photorealistic hairy creatures and characters

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First_BGThrough the years, one of the most difficult challenges in the VFX world has been the integration of CG generated creatures in the real world. The desired result of these effortsis to make them look as much realistic as possible and produce a uniform and well assembled scene.
Comparing the very first attempts of mixing CG elements and reality with the latest productions, it is clear how the development of new technologies and specific software has led to a very detailed result in terms of physical accuracy.
We have decided to focus our attention on a tricky and interesting aspect of this scenario: furry creatures. Luckly we found experts, whom, due to their role and experience, have managed different issues with completely opposite approaches and have then shown us.

We want to introduce you Francesco Giordana!


With Francesco Giordana we focused on the technical side of the matter, he…

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