Graduation Project

As my Graduation Project at Polytechnique University of Turin, I had to create a CGI video inspired by Game of Thrones’ opening sequence –  made by Elastic for HBO- but with Italian cities.

I was responsible for Concept and Storyboarding of the whole video, Modeling, Rigging, Animation of all the cities.

We wanted to stay faithful to the original concept, that was that of a 3D map inside a sphere where handmade-looking buildings come out of the floor, driven by a series of interlocking cogs. Cogs represent the Sigil of the families fighting for the Iron Throne.

Software Used

GOT Italy – The Project                                                      Game of Thrones Intro 

Modeling : Autodesk Maya                                                  Modeling : Autodesk Maya

Rendering : Mental Ray                                                       Rendering : Mental Ray, V-                                                                                                    Ray

Compositing : Adobe After Effects                                     Compositing : Adobe After                                                                                                      Effects