Needle was Jon Snow’s smile

This is the first of a series of portraits inspired by my favourite characters from Game of Thrones, but it is also my very first serious digital painting .

I decided to begin with Arya Stark/Maisie Williams because I find her absolutely gorgeous and she’s also the female character I love the most for her fierce and strong nature.


Stone Age is Over, Future is Now – Commercial (Final Year Project)

Hello everyone ! this is the short movie my collegue Edgar Pironti, Alessandro Signa and I had to create for the Computer Animation course at the Polytechnic Institute of Turin.

We had to develope a commercial about a laptop, so we decided to set it during the Stone Age in order to emphasize the innovation introduced by the laptop ‘Future Book’, so that all the other notebooks would have looked obsolete, compared to its performance and features, just like they were produced during the Stone Age.

The main character of the story is a young boy (inspired by The Flinstones’ character Bam Bam) who is surprised by the arrival of a meteor while he is using his old PC.

The boy will discover the special gift sent from the stars only by hitting with his club the mysterious object fallen together with the meteor.




Here you can find the concept and the storyboard of the commercial ball bam bam concept_and rendering bam bam modelsheet cave concept storyboard part1 storyboard part2