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GOT ITALY-The Project Part2 : Game of Thrones Inspired Intro with Italian Cities

Here’s the sequel to my Graduation Project : new cities, new team, new textures. Enjoy!

The TEAM :


Chiara Sapio : concept, modeling+rigging+animation of all cities, uvs, textures , compositing

Mara Guarneschelli : uvs, textures (map, astrolabe, Torre del Filarete clock, ship),sound editing

Part 1

Filippo Silvestro : uvs, textures of all cities

Manoj Rollo : modeling (astrolabe, map), virtual camera operator


Adrian Liza Clares : textures (Milan, Taranto,Turin, Naples)

Special Thanks to:

Game of Thrones Italy FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/GameOfThrone

Game of Thrones Italy official website : http://www.gameofthronesitaly.it/

Free Realistic Snow Overlay by Kosmos Motion Graphics http://youtu.be/vEhD5WwCo44



Needle was Jon Snow’s smile

This is the first of a series of portraits inspired by my favourite characters from Game of Thrones, but it is also my very first serious digital painting .

I decided to begin with Arya Stark/Maisie Williams because I find her absolutely gorgeous and she’s also the female character I love the most for her fierce and strong nature.

Graduation Project : GoT Italy – The Project

As my Graduation Project at Polytechnique University of Turin, I had to create a CGI video inspired by Game of Thrones’ opening sequence –  made by Elastic for HBO- but with Italian cities.

The video was produced in 4 months by a team of 4 : me, Manoj Rollo (modeler and virtual camera operator), Filippo Silvestro (texture artist) and Mara Guarneschelli (texture artist).

I was responsible for Concept and Storyboarding of the whole video, Modeling, Rigging, Animation of all the cities, Compositing.

We wanted to stay faithful to the original concept, that was that of a 3D map inside a sphere where handmade-looking buildings come out of the floor, driven by a series of interlocking cogs. Cogs represent the Sigil of the families fighting for the Iron Throne.

We also tried to recreate most of the framings and animations from the original sequence in our attempt to stay faithful to the show’s intro, as you can see down below.









The video is set in Italy before Unification, when the country was still divided into kingdoms, Grand Dutches and Dutchies, just like in Martin’s World.

For each one of them, we chose one or two representative cities :

-Kingdom of Sardinia –> Turin

-Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia –> Venice

-Grand Duchy of Tuscany –> Florence

-Papal State –> Rome

– Kingdom of Two Sicilies –> Naples and Palermo


Dealing with the software used :

GOT Italy – The Project                                                      Game of Thrones Intro 

Modeling : Autodesk Maya                                                  Modeling : Autodesk Maya

Rendering : Mental Ray                                                       Rendering : Mental Ray, V-                                                                                                    Ray

Compositing : Adobe After Effects                                     Compositing : Adobe After                                                                                                     Effects

sigil wpcities wp

Once the video was ready, it was uploaded on my YouTube channel on June 8 2016, shared on the most influential social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and sent to online magazines to help us spread the news.

In this way we were able to :

– Analyze the diffusion of User-Generated Content among online fan communities.             – Explore fans’ reaction to the release of our video.                                                                 – Study the connection between UGC-TV series- territory.


With almost 170 k views and 4000 likes on YouTube in less than a month, 2405 shares and 6017 likes on Facebook, more than 70 articles and 7 interviews on online magazines, we can definitely say that the video went viral on the Internet !

Thanks to all the show’s fans for their love and to Game of Thrones – Italy for their support !



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Stone Age is Over, Future is Now – Commercial (Final Year Project)

Hello everyone ! this is the short movie my collegue Edgar Pironti, Alessandro Signa and I had to create for the Computer Animation course at the Polytechnic Institute of Turin.

We had to develope a commercial about a laptop, so we decided to set it during the Stone Age in order to emphasize the innovation introduced by the laptop ‘Future Book’, so that all the other notebooks would have looked obsolete, compared to its performance and features, just like they were produced during the Stone Age.

The main character of the story is a young boy (inspired by The Flinstones’ character Bam Bam) who is surprised by the arrival of a meteor while he is using his old PC.

The boy will discover the special gift sent from the stars only by hitting with his club the mysterious object fallen together with the meteor.




Here you can find the concept and the storyboard of the commercial ball bam bam concept_and rendering bam bam modelsheet cave concept storyboard part1 storyboard part2

Interview with Robin A. Linn – Photorealistic hairy creatures and characters

Front Effects - VFX curiosities and Making of


Through the years, one of the most difficult challenges in the VFX world has been the integration of CG generated creatures in the real world. The desired result of these efforts is to make them look as much realistic as possible and produce a uniform and well assembled scene.
Comparing the very first attempts of mixing CG elements and reality with the latest productions, it is clear how the development of new technologies and specific software has led to a very detailed result in terms of physical accuracy.
We have decided to focus our attention on a tricky and interesting aspect of this scenario: furry creatures. Luckly we found experts , whom, due to their role and experience, have managed different issues with completely opposite approaches and have then shown us.

We want to introduce you Robin A. Linn!

Robin Alan Linn

His background of work in animation, art direction, sculpting, 3-D…

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